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December 18, 2009 by Richard Mohler
Everytime I click on lets say documents, two windows open at a time same thing with all windows even internet explorer too. Also when you click a folder you can't open by clicking on it you have to right click then choose open. Some of the buttons work but most don't. And I already did computer scan and no spyware or viruses found..Any suggestions?  Just happened all the sudden...
November 21, 2009 by Richard Mohler
 Every now and then when I go to save a file or download a file a message comes up saying you need permission from administrator to do this.. I'm listed as administrator under all files & have full control, so I don't get it...When I try to save file again in same place it says replace file & this time it works.. Any suggestions?
November 11, 2009 by Richard Mohler
I noticed my dx meters quit working and noticed also in task mgr. that it doesn't list rundll32.exe anywhere. It used to but now it's gone. I tried DesktopX beta update and had nothing but troubles so I uninstalled it and put it back like it was only now rundll32.exe isn't in task mgr. anywhere. Any suggestions? When I got update to DesktopX I'd click on desktop and it said windows explorer quit working and I think that's when it disappeared from task mgr, anyway thanks for any help.. ...
October 26, 2009 by Richard Mohler
I just installed more memory in my mom's laptop and anyway it has a total of 4gb's but only says 3.59gb's usable.. Is that normal or did I do something wrong?
October 8, 2009 by Richard Mohler
Thinking about getting another internal hard drive. Don't know much about them so any recommendations would be nice. My other one is a serial ata, if that helps..Also are they hard to install? 
August 28, 2009 by Richard Mohler
When I try to create restore point it says The restore point could not be created for the following reason..

The specified object was not found (0x80042308) Any suggestions? Thanks...
August 27, 2009 by Richard Mohler
I have Vista on C drive a windows 7 on another drive. Now for some reason vista is really messing up.. Installing updates everything freezes. Tried installing new nvidia driver it finally got done but after it got done just stayed on startup screen, till I manually turned it off. Then it said start windows normally or safe mode, so I chose safe mode. It went through the loading of drivers screen and then went no further. The volume with windows 7 works fine but vista side won't. Any suggestions?...
October 16, 2008 by Richard Mohler
When I try to access files on main computer from other computer on a network it always says access denied, not pictures folder or documents folder but files & programs on drive c. It's set to share but when I try to access it, it always says access denied. (Don't have permission).. Any suggestions?
September 4, 2008 by Richard Mohler
Does anybody know why all the sudden app icons such as Vue, firefox, bryce, etc. go plain?
August 26, 2008 by Richard Mohler
Just curious.. What has to be done to computer to be able to run Xeon processor?
August 21, 2008 by Richard Mohler
I just got a new graphic card nvidia 8800gt and installed it and it has place for extra power so I hooked it up. At first it worked fine but then all kinds of stuff happened to computer, green kind of lines and everything just quit. I thought maybe it was some programs I recently got so I uninstalled them and it still happened. So finally I removed card (which was real hot) and put old one back in and problem went away.. Does anyone know what happened and why? Also installed new power suppl...
August 13, 2008 by Richard Mohler
Will too big of a power supply hurt other things or do they only pull what they need? I want a bigger power supply but the guys at dell says it can only handle 425 watts. At the same time someone else there said it's ok to go bigger & that it won't hurt anything.. Who right? I'm getting kind of tired of them anyway, since everytime I call I get a different answer..Anyway let me know, thanks..
July 20, 2008 by Richard Mohler
Just got new computer & downloaded tree size and it says 22 gb's used.  Computer drive c says 227 gb's from 283 gb's which is about 56 or 57 gb's used.. Should I be concerned that the tree size reads about 35  gb's less? I tend to trust it as opposed to what drive c says. Anybody know why the difference?
June 18, 2008 by Richard Mohler
Is there a way to speed up rendering without getting a new computer? I asked the guy at dell If I could install different (better) processor but he said they don't recommend it.,. Any ideas?  
January 14, 2008 by Richard Mohler